XFX ATI Radeon HD 5770 Graphics Card & Eyefinity


So it seems pretty cool right? Why not run out and get one of these Eyefinity-enabled cards right now? Well, the first thing ATI doesn’t tell you about Eyefinity is that there is a lack of support available. I don’t suppose they should have a support page about their lack of support, however it would be nice if they didn’t advertise a new technology they don’t fully support. In my excitement to be surrounded on all sides by my favorite MMORPG, I didn’t do the much needed Internet research to learn that I would not be able to use three monitors simultaneously in an Eyefinity configuration using this card. I would end up doing it in the end anyway.

So the first thing I realized was that this card only had two DL-DVI ports, so right off the bat you know you won’t be able to connect three DVI monitors. In extreme fine print on the back of the box it says, “to enable a third display you require one panel with a DisplayPort connector.” I didn’t have a monitor with a DisplayPort connector. So rather than go buy a new monitor, I decided “hey, I’ll just get a second display card and my graphics will run that much faster!” Well, turns out that was a very stupid thing to do. Turns out you can’t run three-moitor Eyefinity off of two cards with four DVI ports. Instead you really only need one card with an adapter, and not just any adapter. You need an active DVI adapter.

You see, DVI requires its own clock signal to work properly. Passive adapters will not pass along the clock signal correctly, so you need an active DisplayPort to DV adapter. Don’t just get any adapter, because some of the cheaper ones simply don’t work. Instead, make sure you check your brand’s site for recommended active adapters. This will save you oodles of frustration and money.

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