Plextor PlexWriter Premium CD Burner

GigaRec is a huge selling point for the PlexWriter. GigaRec gives you the ability to squeeze mores stuff onto a standard compact disc. I was able to get over 1 Gig of stuff onto a standard generic CD-R. Great feature for backing up files, but the discs you create with this feature enabled may not work properly on any other drive other than the PlexWriter. Looks like technology has surpassed the red book standard.

If you are tech geek, you’ll appreciate that PlexTools allows you to test the reading/writing speed of your drives. You can even perform C1/C2, FE/TE, and Beta/Jitter tests if that’s the sort of thing you fancy. And when we say “drives” we mean all your drives, not just the PlexWriter. This is a great tool for comparing how much better your Plexwriter performs against that older drive you have there.

The PlexWriter comes with Buffer Underun protection making it almost impossible for your computer to mess up a disc during the burning process. I remember the days when 3 out of 5 discs would end up as coasters because of my underpowered desktop. Back then CD-Rs were substantially more expensive making this experience all the more painful. In any case, you can still end up with coasters with the PlexWriter, but only if you start playing with all those scary settings we told you not to touch.


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