JBL Creature II Multimedia Speakers

All the cables are color coded which makes setup a breeze even for the novice. In addition, the package includes clear, easy-to-read, instructions and diagrams. You don’t even have to know how to speak English. The powered subwoofer is the central hub where everything gets plugged in. After a 5-minute setup you’re ready to blast some tunes.

For such a small package, the Creature II offers big sound. You can really blast these things and they sound very full at any volume level. The subwoofer offers treble and bass controls and the right satellite speaker features touch sensitive volume controls. Touching both volume control buttons at the same time mutes the sound, a great feature for when the pizza guy arrives in the middle of a Doom 3 game.

If I haven’t said it enough, the Creature II looks great. The chrome accents look great against the computer gray finish. They look like they were made to match my Sony VAIO computer. They also come in white, which looks great with Macs. The satellites have green LED’s on their underside so they look almost as though they are hovering over desk and ready to blast off to another planet. Another great thing about the satellites is their center of gravity. They don’t get easily knocked over like other comparable designs.

The JBL Creature II is surprisingly affordable. You can pick up this system for about $70 at some retailers. Although there are cheaper speaker sets available, you simply cannot compare them with the quality of a Harmon Multimedia system. Price, sound and design make the JBL Creature II a sure bet.


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