JBL Creature II Multimedia Speakers


I went for a stroll, just the other day, through the aisles of a local computer wholesaler. I ended up in the computer speakers aisle. There were a ridiculous amount of choices available: big ones, small ones, cheap, expensive, every color imaginable, you get the idea. I was struck however by the lack of imagination in terms of design. Almost all speaker sets consist of bland little square boxes with a slightly larger subwoofer box. I even saw a set of speakers that features a 70’s style wood finish. In the days when consumers are willing to pay $500 and up for a slick flat panel monitor when there’s a perfectly good, and in some cases larger, RGB monitor on sale for $100 right next to it, manufacturers have got to get with program. Style is in!

One manufacturer that has definitely taken the hint is Harman Multimedia. Their new JBL Creature II builds on the success of their earlier Creature I model while keeping the same alien space-craft style chassis that made it so popular. The Creature II features two small satellite speakers and a subwoofer which also serves and the amplifier.


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