irock! 730i Digital Audio Player


The MP3 revolution is now in full swing even though some of us have seemingly been left behind. For example, I am not a big user of MP3 players. When it comes to burning tracks I use either Sony mini-discs or iTunes to rip CDs and I swear by both, but when the folks at irock! asked us to review their new 730i Digital Audio Player I jumped at the opportunity.

Although the irock! 730i Digital Audio Player is cross-platform and supports Windows Media files as well as MP3’s, we experienced problems loading the drivers from the PC portion of the CD. No resolution was available at the time of this review and consequently all testing was solely Mac-based.

As an avid Mac user you can imagine my delight to find that the ‘irock! 730i Digital Audio Player’ works well with iTunes. Just pop in the CD that ships with the player and either launch the Flash movie or make your way to the install folders. If you launch the Flash movie and can put up with the annoying background music click on “Music Management Software” and then click on the appropriate plug-in for your version of iTunes (OS9 or OSx). If you bypass the Flash installer just run the appropriate installer under the ‘install_folders’ directory.


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