IOGEAR Phaser Hand-Held RF Wireless Mouse

Installation is pretty straightforward. Turn off the computer, plug it in to your PS2 or USB port (an adapter is included), turn on the computer. The mouse must then be “married” to the radio receiver. This is done by depressing a reset switch on the receiver then doing the same on the mouse. The receiver detects the mouse and off you go. The point of this process is to allow you to have up to 256 Phasers operating in the same room without interfering with each other. You only have to perform this procedure once, unless you wish to marry the mouse with a different receiver.

The Phaser performs well overall. Anyone who uses a trackball mouse should find it pretty easy to get used to. The Phaser is held and looks, well, like a phaser from Start Trek. If you’re not a Trekie (or Trekor), a phaser is a laser “gun” which is used to zap evil aliens. The “trigger” button works as a secondary left click button, performing the same function as the left click button on top of the device. The right click button is where you would expect it, and the center button is used to activate the laser pointer. The trackball is small, but smooth and easy to use. The unit is light and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand with easy access to all its functions. Maybe Gene Roddenberry should have been an engineer!

The included documentation states that the Phaser is capable of controlling your computer from up to 50′ away. In our tests the Phaser performed free of jittering at 30 feet, but longer distances and obstructions caused the curser movement to be a little more jumpy than usual. If you’re in a conference room bigger than that, chances are you’ll probably have an assistant to push the mouse button for you.


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