IOGEAR Phaser Hand-Held RF Wireless Mouse


Who would have thought, back in the early nineties, that we would be sitting here today in a business world littered with PowerPoint presentations? Yet here we are creating more sophisticated animations with sound and video, trying to impress our colleagues in our PowerPoint prowess. Today we will be telling you about a new tool that lets you show off even more. The IOGEAR Phaser Hand-Held Wireless Mouse w/Laser Pointer get you through your presentation with a very high coolness factor.

When I first heard about this mouse, I fell under the impression that it worked similar to the Gyration Ultra GT Cordless Optical Mouse which allows you to move the cursor by moving the mouse around in the air. The IOGEAR Phaser is wireless, but it is not an “air mouse”. It works just like any other trackball. What’s cool about it is its ergonomic design, ease of use, and laser pointer feature.

The Phaser comes with two AAA batteries which power the wireless mouse. To my surprise, the battery cover was held down by a small Phillips head screw which makes it inconvenient if you don’t have a miniature screwdriver handy. Since most conference rooms aren’t equipped with a set of tools this is a major oversight especially since this mouse is targeted towards the business user. The receiver is powered by your computer and requires no batteries.


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