Cooler Master Musketeer System Dynamic Detector

Installation was a breeze. Everything you need comes in the box. The temperature monitor can be affixed to any surface within your computer case. You can use it to monitor a hard drive, your CPU, or your graphics card. The audio monitoring is done by looping the output of your sound card back into the Musketeer via a PCI slot panel which is included with the kit. The cable that connects your soundcard to the Musketeer is also included. An output from the Musketeer panel can them be attached to your speakers.

Besides just looking great, the Musketeer’s ability to control your case fans while monitoring temperature is a great feature. If you need to quiet down your case temporarily while doing some audio recording, for example, you will love the Musketeer. In addition, since most systems do not have a hardware-based volume control, this add-on is a favorite of mine. It’s nice to just turn down your volume without having to go into your software-based volume control settings.

All in all, I found the musketeer to be killer piece of gear for any high-end system. Its features and coolness factor rate high and its price of only $40 at some online retailers makes it a must-have. If I was Christmas shopping for a tech geek, I would already know what to get him.


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