Cooler Master Musketeer System Dynamic Detector


With the advent of overclocking and advanced system cooling, users have begun installing monitoring devices in their souped-up systems. One such device is Cooler Master’s Musketeer System Dynamics Detector. Computer Critics took the Musketeer for a test driveThe Musketeer is the size of a standard CD/DVD drive which means you must have an empty 5 ¼” bay to install it. It has three VU meters on the front panel which measure voltage, audio, and temperature respectively. Two levers on the front panel control voltage and volume control. The back panel has connectors for temperature monitoring, power, audio monitoring, and fan power.

At first glance the Musketeer is very attractive. Its neon blue VU meters sit nicely within its aluminum chassis (also available in black). It has a sort of retro look that is reminiscent of 70’s analog audio gear. I installed it in an A+GPB CA-AP107 Medium ATX Case and it looked fab.


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