Concord eyeQ Bluetooth Digital Camera

Now you are probably wondering how they managed to fit in all those features and still make the camera inexpensive. Well, they did skimp a little on the quality. The outer casing is a lightweight plastic that is great if you don’t like lugging a heavy camera around but probably not the best for durability. The shutter speeds are a little slower too giving a higher probability for shaky pictures. It comes with 7MB of memory, 4X digital zoom, and a 2.0 Megapixel resolution which is on the low end of what is out there but just enough for the casual picture taker.

Some of the best attributes of this camera have nothing to do with the technologies inside. I love the handy carrying case with belt loop. It’s super convenient on those vacation outings. The nice compact size helps too. Switching between camera and review mode is quick and easy with the mode switch. And most importantly, the battery life is awesome so you never have to worry about missing a picture moment because of a dead battery.

The Concord EyeQ Go Wireless is not the best digital camera out there but it is one of the coolest one’s you will get in its price range. No other camera gives you the same fun and innovative features with such reasonable pricing. You no longer have to worry about spending a lot of money to get a cool digital camera.


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