Concord eyeQ Bluetooth Digital Camera


Have you ever dreamt of an affordable digital camera featuring the latest technology? If so, the Concord EyeQ Go Wireless may be the answer to your dreams. Manufactured by Concord, makers of reasonably prices cameras, the Concord EyeQ Go Wireless digital camera boasts the ability to transmit pictures wirelessly over the air using Bluetooth Technology. Not only that, it takes video clips and can be used as a web camera.Bluetooth allows this camera send pictures wirelessly to computers, PDAs, and cameras. I tested it out on my laptop and received a quick yet short-lived thrill. Once I plugged the magic Bluetooth stick into the USB port, I was able to transfer images to my computer from up to 30 feet away. The process was cool but took too long and only allowed one image transfer at a time. I ended up connecting the camera directly to my computer to get the rest of my pictures out.

Instead of promoting the Bluetooth features, the folks at Concord should have been bragging about the video capabilities of this tiny camera. Not only can you use it to record 17 seconds of video, you can play it back on a television screen or use your TV as a live viewfinder. That means, with the help of your VCR, you can tape record the live video from your camera. The WebCam feature is equally useful. The video is pretty grainy but the video capabilities make the camera a great value.


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