Casio Exilim EX-Z50

One of my favorite features has to be the Business Shot function which allows you to take pictures of a document or white board at any angle and let the camera automatically adjust the photo to straighten out the text and make it easy to read. The engineers at Casio must be James Bond fans. This technology works so incredibly well that it makes archiving documents incredibly fast & easy. The Exilim EX-Z50 is a scanner killer.

Other really neat features include the ability to take a picture of a scene while something interesting is happening and then place yourself or someone else in the scene after the fact. Here is how it works: You take a picture with the Coupling Shot or Pre-shot feature. The viewfinder shows you a transparent image of the picture you just took along with the live image of whatever is in front of the camera. You stand in front of the camera, and have someone else aim the camera until both images line up and take a secondary shot. The Casio Exilim EX-Z50 automatically combines the two images and makes it look like you were standing in the shot when the original picture was taken. This feature makes it possible to take pictures of you and a friend even when there no one else around. It is especially useful unless you actually enjoy carrying a tripod around.

What is great about this camera is that unlike similar cameras with extra features thrown in as gimmicks, all of the features on the Exilim EX-Z50 are functional and actually work well. Even the extras, such as the ability to create HTML albums right out of the camera are useful for those who are technically challenged. There are so many extras crammed into the Exilim EX-Z50 that they can’t all be mentioned here, but it is certainly nice to know you have more than you need. With an MSRP of only $299.99 you are getting more bang than you may ever need for your buck.

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