Bushnell ImageView

A trial run with the Bushnell ImageView yielded the following results: The ImageView works great as a pair of binoculars. This is no surprise since Bushnell has been making high quality binoculars and telescopes for years. Although the resolution is only 640x 480, the digital camera worked reasonably well during daylight, provided you hold the binoculars very still when snapping a picture. At night though, when spies like to party, the camera is rendered unusable. Bushnell should make an infared version of this device for turbo dorks like me.

A CD-Rom with all the software you need to download pictures is included with the ImageView. This is the one area where Bushnell got too ambitious. I have a real problem with manufacturers creating their own image manipulation software because in their rush to get the product to market they often overlook the usablity of the software. Since most users are accustomed to using the very well designed Windows XP tools to download and manipulate their photos, additional software is often unnecessary and becomes a burden to users when they are forced to use it.

All in all, this product is fun and cool for someone who is looking for a new toy. It seems as though Bushnell did a great job on what they know how to do such as the optics and design, but areas which are new to them such as the digital cameral camera and software could use improvement. Let’s hope they catch up in those areas before an established digital camera maker decides to compete in this area.


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