Bushnell ImageView


If you’re a big fan of James Bond movies keep reading. Today we review the Bushnell ImageView, a combination digital camera and binocular device which seems to have been taken straight out of 007 spy flick. The neighbors might want to close their blinds right about now. The Bushnell ImageView is nicely designed with clean lines in a sleek contemporary shape. The compact sliver body is reinforced with black rubber handles and controls. A spy would feel aesthetically comfortable storing it in his Armani suit. The digital camera, mounted in the center of the unit, has its own lens and works independently of the optics.

The Bushnell ImageView comes with a USB cable for downloading those top-secret pictures to your computer. Some nice features include the ability to take 3 continuous shots in a row automatically, a 10 second timer in case you want to run across a field to be in the shot, the ability to change the quality of the picture from high to low, and the ability to record short AVI movies of your neighbors in the shower. The ImageView’s LCD display tells you how many pictures you’ve taken, how much AAA battery life you have left, and what mode you are in.


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