Auravision EluminX Keyboard

I found myself captivatated by the EluminX. The light blue glow behind the transparent keys causes the illusion that the keys are floating in mid air. I found that my eyes keep drifting towards the keyboard even when I wasn’t on the computer, and just walking past on my way to the kitchen for a snack. Even though I’ve been using it for over a week, it has not yet lost its appeal. It just looks really cool.

Although, it takes a little getting used to typing on a glowing keyboard, I felt comfortable with it right away. Gamers will love the fact that they can now play in the dark and not have to fumble around to turn on a light when they have to type in a cheat code. This is by far the best reason to justify the keyboards high price tag of $99. The average non-luminescent keyboard will only run you about $15.

Another plus for this keyboard is installation. The EluminX installs in seconds. It simply plugs into your PS2 port. There’s no power cable and no drivers to install. This is truly a plug-and-play device.

Overall the EluminX is a modder’s dream-come-true. If you’re the type of geek that loves packing his computer with glow-in-the-dark fans and cathode tubes, the EluminX is for you. But you can’t have mine. I’m keeping it.


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