Auravision EluminX Keyboard


The keyboard is one of the most forgettable parts of your computer system. This is ironic, seeing as how it is a necessary and integral interface between man and machine. But it seems as though the mouse has won all the attention over the years and keyboards have been largely ignored. Auravision wants to shatter that trend with its exciting new EluminX keyboard.

The EluminX features Auravision’s patented Electroluminescent technology which is a fancy way of saying that it lights up. EluminX comes in five color combinations, including the Black Case/Saphire Illumination we used for this review. The Sapphire is a dark blue leaning-towards-purple color. The other illumination option is called Aquamarine and is reminiscent of a lighted fish tank in a dark room. Plans are in the works to release several new color combinations, but no dates have been set by Auravision.

The 104-key keyboard sits flat (there are no legs of any kind). Rubber feet keep the keyboard from sliding. The thin 16mm high frame give the keyboard a slick appearance (much like a mac keyboard). There are no specialty keys (internet, email, search), however most people don’t really use these keys anyway so it doesn’t matter much that they are not there. There is a convenient numeric keypad, which competing keyboards like the Zippy EL-610 do not offer.


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